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Mithuna or Gemini

Figure 3 shows the night sky covering Mithuna Raashi or Gemini Zodiac. The stars in figure 3 are Aardhra and Punarvasu.

Aardhra is traditionally called as a mansion of single Nakshatra. The following able provides candidate, which qualify as Aardhra Nakshatra.

Nakshatra No. SAO HD Bayer Bright Arab/Other
Aardhara 1 95912 47105 24 g Gem +193 Al Hena

24 g Gem/SAO-95912/HD47105/Arab 'Alhena' is the best candidate for Aardhra. It is 68 minutes or 17 degrees (E-W) away from Mrigashiras. It is 2 diameters out of moon traverse band.

Punarvasu Nakshatra is considered traditionally to be a mansion of four stars. The following table provides candidates which qualify as Punarvasu Nakshatra from brightness point of view, location with reference to moon traverse band and distance from previous Nakshatra.

Nakshatra No. SAO HD Bayer Bright Arab/Other
Punarvasu 4 79666 62509 78 b Gem +1.15 Pollux
    0 60179 66 a Gem +1.59 Castor
    79653 62345 77 k Gem +3.56 -
    79374 58207 60 i Gem +3.72 -

If a single star has to be identified as Punarvasu, then 78 b Gem/SAO-79666/HD-62509/'Pollux' is the best candidate for Punarvasu. It is a very bright star of +1.15 brightness. It is about one to two-moon diameter outside of moon band. Punarvasu is 60 minutes or 15 degrees (E-W) away from Aardhra.

In Raashi/Nakshatra translation 1/2 of Mrigashiras, Full Aardhra and 3/4 of Punarvasu are considered to be part of Mithuna.



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