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Dr. Balakrishna comes from a family of Vaidika tradition. He is the grandson of Vidwan Motagana Halli Ramasesha Shastry, a Sanskrit scholar who transliterated Vyasa Bhagavata in three languages and wrote a number of kavya’s in Sanskrit, Kannada and Telugu.

At a young age, Dr Balakrishna was exposed to the study of Veda/Vedanga material in different south Indian scripts. He currently is researching Vedic texts in different Indian scripts, to bring to light vast scientific knowledge of Vedic and post Vedic period to modern times in terms currently acceptable. His specific interests lie in the study of astronomical references in the Vedic and other literature with a view to date these.

A PhD in Aeronautics/ Controls Engineering, Dr. S. Balakrishna is engaged with NASA Wind Tunnel Research programs for the past 15 years. Originally from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Dr. Balakrishna served as a Scientist & Head of two departments at the National Aeronautical Laboratory(NAL), Bangalore. He has a number of scientific and engineering professional papers. He has also published number of scientific articles in Kannada in India.

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