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Loadstar software

LoadStar Pro GS Astronomical Software

This is a powerful modern computer based astronomical program (ref 5). This software provides the view of sky from 10000 BC to 10000 AD at any specific location and time on earth. The accuracy of this software is declared to be as follows.






Sun 24 arcsec 6 arcsec 4 arcsec 2 arcsec
Moon 0.9 deg 0.5deg 6 arcmin 13arcsec
Stars - - - 2 arcsec

Software can track solar system bodies, stars, Messier Objects, Comets and all natural heavenly bodies given a date and time. This program provides graphic view of the sky for any coordinate system and can correct for earth's Precession, Proper Motion in the Milkiway, optical refraction due to air (altitude and temperature) for any day in Gregorian calendar (16th century AD) or Julian calendar extrapolated back up to 10000 BC. Further, the location of the observer at any latitude, longitude and altitude is accounted for. The software is capable of identifying all Henry Draper objects, Smithsonian Astronomical Objects and others. The various pictures provided in this document are derived from this software. The software has been cross-correlated to Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Ephemeris, and Interactive Computer Ephemeris (ICE) of US Naval Observatory for 20th century.

The night sky picture for various Raashis are presented in approximately 30 degrees square of night sky. The Moon traverse band is found by finding moon trajectories over a period of 20 years. This is shown in all the figures as a band of dots. The Sun trajectory is fixed and bisects the moon band as a line.

The Nakshatras were identified by using the material from Bhaarateeya chandramana panchangas (Almanacs) for a given day and looking at the moon pointer to see which Nakshatra was pointed to, over a period of randomly chosen dates covering a hundred year period. Then the rules laid out above were used to choose the best candidate for Nakshatra.

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