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Langadha's Place of Sky Observations

Lagadha’s Place of Sky Observations (RVJ-7, YVJ-8)

Length of daylight reaches maximum and minimum at solstices at a given place in temperate zone. The difference between the two is a function of latitude. A daylight time change of six muhurtha is recorded in Vedanga Jyotishya for a full Ayana between successive solstices six months apart. Six muhurtha’s account for about 288 minutes change in daylight. Based on this fact, these observations are true only at 35 deg N or 35 S latitude. Hence, Lagadha lived and observed sky at about latitude of 35 N. A map of likely location of Lagadha is shown below.

Figures show the boxed area where Lagadha probably observed and recorded day light change. This area is about 60 miles north of Takshashila in the box shown. Takshashila is well known to have been the university of its period. It should be noted that Vedic culture flourished in this area. The figure shows Takshashila where Panini of Ashtadhaayi fame, Chanakya of Arthashastra and others were active some centuries after Lagadha.


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